March 9, 2019: We just received notice that the Local Services, Regional Roads & Bridges Committee of the KCC will vote on the proposed Beverage Ordinance THIS COMING MONDAY March 11, at 1:30 PM in the King County Courthouse and Council Chambers (10th Floor at 516 3rd Ave, Seattle). Please sign up here to take a free bus to the meeting. Or meet us there at the King County Courthouse. We need to tell our elected County officials to uphold the WA State Growth Management Act and locate these commercial businesses inside the cities’ Urban Growth Boundaries.

The Council will ultimately decide the fate of the Sammamish Valley and all the Rural Areas of King County. Tell them you support FoSV's position by clicking the button above and sending them an email. [This this link will open a new browser window with email content that you can edit. It is pre-addressed to the relevant members of the Council.]

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Friends of Sammamish Valley (FoSV) is a group of citizens, businesses, and organizations with the goals of protecting the Sammamish Valley Agricultural Production District (APD) and the Sammamish Valley watershed, maintaining the character of the surrounding Rural Area, and preserving the rural lifestyle for local residents. Learn more

why you should care

The Rural Areas and farmland of King County are currently being threatened by a proposal before the King County Council that would allow for commercial and retail businesses to operate in protected rural and agricultural areas. The Sammamish Valley is Ground Zero - a handful of businesses including remote tasting rooms and event centers are already operating illegally outside of the urban boundaries. Rather than working with those businesses to relocate into nearby Urban Areas, the King County Beverage Ordinance 2018-0241 is a de-facto rezoning that would permanently establish them in the protected Rural Area. The Ordinance also opens the way for new urban use businesses across King County Rural Areas. Wineries and similar businesses are an important part of the region and we want them to flourish, but remote tasting rooms and event centers belong in the Urban Areas where the vast majority are already legally operating.

The result of allowing these businesses to operate in the Rural Areas will be increased traffic, parking lots on rural land, pedestrian safety issues, water runoff that damages agricultural areas and rivers, lighting and noise pollution, and more environmental impacts. Specifically for the Sammamish Valley, this ordinance threatens a rural oasis that is needed more than ever as greater urban density comes to Redmond, Woodinville, Kirkland, and Bothell. Increased commercialization in the Valley would also hurt the vast majority of legally operating businesses that rely on the rural nature of the Valley as an attractive setting for visitors.

The Ordinance violates numerous state and local regulations, including the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA), by allowing urban use businesses in the protected Rural Areas across King County. This is also being done in a way that sidesteps the long-accepted GMA process as a venue for all stakeholders to be heard in debates on urban growth vs rural preservation and potentially sets a dangerous statewide precedent.

what you can do

FoSV’s position is that urban uses cannot be allowed to sprawl across the Rural Areas and the Agricultural Production District (APD) farmlands of King County. Retail and commercial buildings, traffic, parking lots, signage, and outdoor amplified sound and lighting for wine, beer and liquor tasting rooms and event centers, are urban uses that do not belong on APD farmland and in the Rural Areas. There is plenty of land for these businesses to operate legally inside of the Urban Areas in the surrounding cities of Woodinville, Redmond, Kirkland and Bothell.

FoSV has set forth detailed changes to King County Beverage Ordinance 2018-0241 in order to eliminate aspects of the ordinance that are most detrimental to farms and rural residents. For the complete story, read the Rationale for Proposed Beverage Ordinance Changes that FoSV has submitted to the King County Council.

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