Here are a collection of materials to help you get up-to-speed on the issues related to the Sammamish Valley - and for you to use to spread the word!

marketing collateral

FoSV Executive Summary With Maps. This gives a great overview of the situation in two pages, followed by 8 pages of maps and photos that help illustrate the key points. Click to download.

FoSV “Two Up” Flyer. This is a professionally designed two-sided flyer that can be printed on standard 8.5x11 paper or cardstock and then cut in half. Click to download.

FoSV Beverage Ordinance Presentation. This is a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation that tells the Sammamish Valley Beverage Ordinance story with a lot of visuals. Click to download via Dropbox.

background materials

Sammamish Valley Wine and Beverage Study. A study prepared for King County and published in 2016 which formed the basis for King County’s proposed ordinance. Click to download.

King County Council Proposed Ordinance #2018-2041. This is the ordinance proposed by King County in response to the Sammamish Valley Wine and Beverage Study. FoSV has an alternative proposal. Click to download.

FoSV Alternative Winery Ordinance. The complete text of the alternative ordinance proposed by Friends of Sammamish Valley. Click to download.

Rationale for Beverage Ordinance Proposed Changes. This document goes into a lot of detail to support FoSV’s proposed ordinance. Click here to download.