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On October 7 the King County Council will vote on Adult Beverage Ordinance legislation that would open the Sammamish Valley to commercial development and cause irreparable damage to our farmland, open spaces, and rural area neighborhoods. Tell King County they must protect our Valley from urban sprawl. Make your voice heard today!

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Please donate to Friends of Sammamish Valley to support our efforts to protect the Valley and the rural areas of King County from urban commercialization on protected rural and agricultural land. 100% of your contribution will fund our outreach to members of the community, local businesses, and elected officials to educate everyone about the negative impacts the proposed beverage ordinance will have on the Sammamish Valley - and to work with the King County Council to find an alternative approach.

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Spread the word. A concise overview with helpful maps (click here to open the PDF in a separate window) can be shared with friends and neighbors to quickly get them up to speed.

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