FoSV Suggested Approach


Friends of Sammamish Valley has set forth detailed changes to the proposed King County Beverage Ordinance #2018-0241 to eliminate aspects of the Ordinance that are most detrimental to farms and rural residents. In summary we propose to: 

1. Remove Demonstration Project Overlays A and B from the Sammamish Valley. The Demonstration Project provisions would permanently allow wine, beer, and liquor sales by the glass and bottle, and one-time permanent permits for special event centers in the Rural Area. The Overlays...

  • Overwhelm already crowded rural roads.
  • Directly harm the viability of farmland.
  • Convert affordable housing to bars.
  • Convert landscaped and open space areas to parking lots.
  • Flood farmlands with storm water runoff.
  • Exceed the capacity of septic systems.
  • Prioritize the interests of a few illegal business operators over the legitimate interests of thousands of residents and voters who have chosen a rural lifestyle.
  • Reduce the open, rural nature of the Valley which also benefits urban residents in nearby cities.
  • Reward a handful of illegal business operators over the interests of hundreds of legally operating businesses.
  • Are counterproductive to the wine tourism industry that relies on the bucolic nature of the rural valley and farmlands to draw tourists.    
  • Violate numerous state and local regulations including the State Growth Management Act, King County Comprehensive Plan, KC SO-120, and KC Chapter 21A.55.
  • Fail to meet the goals of the King County Action Report dated April 26, 2018.

2. Improve the remaining provisions of the Ordinance.

  • Close loopholes that would allow retail operations to call themselves "wineries," "breweries” or “distilleries” when in fact they produce little or no product on-site. They are essentially bars.
  • Stipulate that “tastings and sales” conducted at beverage production sites are for products made on-site only.

For the complete details, please refer to the Friends of Sammamish Valley Alternative Winery Ordinance and the Rationale for Beverage Ordinance Proposed Changes.